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IFEED Projects:
Mobile Solar Plant SC-EB-IFEED

The solar unit SC-EB-IFEED can be used in different earth's regions. The radiation energy contained in the sunlight is changed partially into electric energy by a solar module. This energy will be stored in an accumulator and is available for different electrical consumers at demand.

The solar plant consists of a mobile mounting witch carries a rectangular, aluminium-framed solar module, an accumulator with charge controller, a consumer control system and different electrical consumers, in this case these are two neon tube lamps and a water pump.

The water pump is in a water tank which serves as water reservoir for drop irrigation system or for shower system. The solar module is adjustable in large angle-range to both sides to assure the sun position tracking. For adaptation to the local radiation conditions different solar modules with a maximum peak power from 40 W up to 70 W are offered.

Schematic structure of the SC-EB-IFEED Mobile Solar Plant

Technical description

Solar module:
Type: ASX40, Peak power: 40W, Voltage Maximum Open Circuit (Voc): 21 V, Current Maximum Short Circuit (Isc): 2,55A, Voltage Maximum Peak (Vpp): 16,8 V, Current Maximum Peak (Ipp): 2,3 A, maximum System Voltage: 600 V

Mobile Mounting:
welding mounting out of steel square tubes with 4 rolls

Control system for consumer:
Voltmeter for light sensor, relais for pump, relais for lamp

Charge controller:
Type PDI-120710LFA-7.0DCD, Charge voltage:12 V, Charge current: 7 A

Current: 60A, Voltage: 12V, Charge: 60 Ah

2 Neon Tube Lamps, Power per Lamp: 8W

Type: Yacht 12, Voltage: U=12 V DC, Current: I=4,2 A, Power: P=65W, max.rpm: n=4200 U/min, max. temperature: t = 30 °C

Black tank out of plastic