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IFEED Projects

The availability of a sufficient supply of energy, environmentally friendly energy is one of the biggest challenges facing our planet today. The problem of scarcity will remain and represents the greatest challenge to humanity.

Energy is of great importance, since it offers the chance to solve other, subordinate problems at the same time: water, food, environmental and climate protection, information, communication, and mobility. Furthermore, energy is directly related to the most critical social issues which affect sustainable development: poverty, jobs, income levels, access to social services, gender disparity, population growth, agricultural production, climate change, environment quality, economic and security issues.

Our projects are designed to consider the integration of renewable resources to ensure the energy supply for the populations of various regions forming the foundation of future regional and global energy structure. We should act now – while we still have choices.

This section of our website aims to enlighten some of our efforts through planning and implementing various projects through integration of energy, food and water supply as well the integration of different renewable energy resources available at the site along with economic development and climate protection.

Fields of Activities