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The Integrated Energy Farm (IEF)

Overview of Projects

The Ochiso-Bebineha Project, Ghana

Establishment of a Centre for Sustainable Regional Development in the Rural Area Ochiso - Bebineha, Ghana, Africa. A Project to relieve the people from poverty, unemployment and disillusionment.

Projekt Concept Note

Project plan

NEPAD and IFEED intend to create a model example of regional development which promotes an independent, comprehensive and sustainable growth as well as a decentralized care unit for rural settlements in Africa. The proposed model is planned for adoption to local conditions. The main objective is income generation which will as a result reduce poverty and unemployment.

Considering that most past development programmes achieved only moderate successes because they did not follow comprehensive approaches, this project is based on a comprehensive development concept. The key issues of the whole projectare tuned to local compatibility so that the project approach is understood and supported by all the involved parties. This approach for a successful outcome is as important as the provision of know-how, technology and infrastructure. A new life perspective and a comprehensive way of getting out from poverty and disillusionment will therefore be emphasized at the beginning of the project.

The project is a conversion of the integrated development concept which was developed by IFEED for the UN and is planned for implementation in Ochiso-Bebineha in Ghana. Being the first cooperation project of this kind it will therefore lay the fundamental conditions for a sustainable development of these settlements. Contents of the concept include energy supply from regenerative sources, protection of the drinking water sources/supply, food production and continual benefit for the inhabitants. That is, it will pay particular attention to aspects of education, hygiene, climate, environmental protection and infrastructure. The project also seeks to create the basic social and economic conditions necessary for sustainable development.

Site selection

The Ochiso–Bebineha community lies on the main road from Accra to Cape Coast (Regional Capital) via Swedru and in a tropical climate zone with sufficient precipitation. The settlement has 500 inhabitants which makes it manageable for a model project of this kind. The community released a 10 ha plot some 5 years ago to the Association “School Forests for West Africa” for a development project as a sign of their commitment to cooperate in development projects. Hence, an acceptance exists for outside help. This demonstrated commitment is seen as the basic condition for the success of any developmental oriented programme.

Project procedure

The regional development is planned to commence on the aforementioned 10 hectares plot of land. A centre is to be started here (analogue of a model settlement) which is independent of any central care service. It is to serve as a demonstration and teaching destination to be linked with tourist facilities in the Region like “Kaum Nature Park” near the Regional Capital, Cape Coast, which attracts 170 000 tourists a year. The settlement Ochiso – Bebineha will not be influenced directly by the project.


  1. Project follows a comprehensive development approach. The foundations of the development approach are tuned to local compatibility.
  2. The centre itself can grow gradually and adapt itself to changing circumstances and the respective needs and wishes of the inhabitants in the region.
  3. No structures will be forced on the population, but an example of an adapted sustainable and regional development will be presented by which the population will integrate at their own discretion on a step by step basis.
  4. The inhabitants are to be included in the working and decision making processes. In so doing, they will acquire the capacity to generate income and improvement of their life situation (Learning by doing).
  5. During the time frame of the project, there will be a smooth transition from the "demonstration operation" to the planned regional settlement development.
  6. The project can be extended to all areas of life, production and free time.

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Overview of Projects