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The Integrated Energy Farm (IEF)

Overview of Projects

Modeling approaches

The modeling procedure should include the identification and determination of the following parameters:

  1. Site conditions
    • climate: temperature, amount and distribution of precipitation, sunshine duration, wind velocity (year mean), soil conditions, irrigation possibilities etc.
    • factors of production: Capital, machines, building, agricultural area.
  2. Energy requirement per year for food production and households
  3. Basic food requirement per person and year
  4. Number of the energy customers (persons and households)
  5. Site energy potential: solar energy, wind energy and biomass
  6. Preparation of master production schedule for food and energy production
  7. Selection and installation of suitable technical tools using the renewable energy resources of the site
  8. Energy production and use management
  9. Environmental impact
  10. Social and economic impact


For elaboration, development and establishment of the IEF two scenarios have been considered:

Scenario 1

Initial conditions:
The farm size is known, i.e. already existing farm, the agricultural area is limited.

The available area should be managed to achieve a high degree of self-sufficiency for a maximum number of people with basic food and energy.

Scenario 2

Initial conditions:
The farm size is variable, i.e. the size could make available according to the needs.

High degree of self-sufficiency for a determined number of people with basic food and energy should be achieved.

Overview of Projects