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Die Integrierte Energiefarm (IEF)

Übersicht der Projekte

Die IEF in Kiga, Iran (Nur in EN verfügbar)

A sustainable development of rural sites represents the key solution to develop countries and regions and to reduce the depopulation of rural communities such as the village Kiga which represents an ideal site for this pioneer project and to demonstrate best possible option for rural development.

The project reflects also the policy of the Iranian Government and IFCO to increase the efficiency of home appliances and replacement of their technologies as well as the introduction of renewable energies.

This project is based on authorization of IFCO to IFEED to prepare the feasibility study of Kiga village. Kiga has been proposed by IFCO to introduce renewable energy technologies as a tool for rural development and fuel conservation.

The director of Buildings Mr. Sattari has proposed during the meeting in Tehran, February 2004, three phases for implementing of the project:

The feasibility study based on data collection at the site during our visit to Kiga and discussion with the mayor and other representative of the council, employers and farmers of the village, information received from IFCO, national and international sources and expertise of the International Research Centre for Renewable Energy IFEED.

The Project based on the letter of Agreement of and the letter of Buildings Director of IFCO requesting IFEED to follow up the feasibility study on The study has been accomplished by the following team: Prof. Dr. N. El Bassam, Dipl.-Ing. Bijan Salmassi-Lak, Dipl.-Ing. Friedrich Kohl, Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Otto and Dipl.-Forstwirt Henrick von Petersdorff.

Read the complete feasibility study as PDF document...

Übersicht der Projekte